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April 19: New Study Shows Why Cancer Cost Planning Needs to Start Accounting for People Under 65

A new study published in JNCCN – Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network finds that cancer care costs in the United States are higher [...]

April 19: Scientists Create a Biomedical Tattoo to Monitor for a Sign of Cancer

Scientists have designed a biomedical tattoo that changes color when calcium in the blood is too high — a tool that they say could one [...]

April 19: How Pharmacy Benefit Managers are Manipulating Out of Pocket Costs for Vital Medications (Guest viewpoint)

It is no secret that healthcare costs continue to rise, with premium increases topping 58 percent since 2006, according to Kaiser Family Foundation; but what [...]

CPAN Events & Updates

April 12: Cancer Care Teams and Advocates Gather in Washington for Largest Community Oncology Conference Ever

“Keeping Patients at Center” Theme Reflected Across 2018 COA Conference Business, Clinical, Pharmacy, and Advocacy Tracks Keynote Speakers at 16th [...]

April 11: Patients: Doctors and Patients, Not Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Should Make Cancer Care Decisions

Nearly 100 advocates from 22 community oncology practices in 14 states warn Congress that pharmacy benefit managers jeopardize cancer care, [...]

April 10: CPAN Advocates Going to Capitol Hill

100+ CPAN advocates are on Capitol Hill tomorrow asking Congress for more transparency and accountability from pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), [...]