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April 23: The Problem With Miracle Cancer Cures

I FREQUENTLY care for patients with advanced cancer. A majority have already tried some combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Many have landed back in [...]

April 23: Pharmacy Group Works to Make Prescriptions More Affordable

WILLIAMSON CO. -- Drug prices are soaring and a lobbying group representing Illinois pharmacists is trying to influence lawmakers to pass two bills that would make medication more [...]

April 23: How to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

President Trump's upcoming speech on drug prices will probably stick to small-ball ideas. But small-ball doesn't necessarily mean no impact. Reality check: There are a [...]

CPAN Events & Updates

April 12: Cancer Care Teams and Advocates Gather in Washington for Largest Community Oncology Conference Ever

“Keeping Patients at Center” Theme Reflected Across 2018 COA Conference Business, Clinical, Pharmacy, and Advocacy Tracks Keynote Speakers at 16th [...]

April 11: Patients: Doctors and Patients, Not Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Should Make Cancer Care Decisions

Nearly 100 advocates from 22 community oncology practices in 14 states warn Congress that pharmacy benefit managers jeopardize cancer care, [...]

April 10: CPAN Advocates Going to Capitol Hill

100+ CPAN advocates are on Capitol Hill tomorrow asking Congress for more transparency and accountability from pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), [...]