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February 21: Hospital Charges For Outpatient Cancer Care Highly Variable, Medicare Billing Records Show

Researchers call for “standard pricing” legislation to reduce financial burdens of vulnerable patients An analysis of recent Medicare billing records for more than 3,000 hospitals [...]

February 21: Are More People Dying of Cancer?

Here's what cancer rates and statistics mean, how they’re calculated and why they matter. Numbers may not always make for exciting reading, but when it [...]

February 21: Suicide Among Cancer Survivors — Highest Risk in HNC

ORLANDO, Florida — Head and neck cancer (HNC) accounts for only about 4% of new cancer cases in the United States, but the risk for [...]

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Stay connected and Stay involved! Find out information on all upcoming CPAN events. 2/27/18 , 6:00-7:00 p.m. - Pontchartrain Cancer [...]

February 2018 – CPAN Newsletter

Director's Report Our new year as CPAN Advocates for the Care is off to a great start. Two of our [...]

February 1: Kindness in Real Life: East Lyme Resident Named Breast Cancer Leader of the Year

Rose Gerber says she fell off her chair in surprise after hearing she’d been named National Breast Cancer Leader of [...]