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March 23: 340B is a Well-Intentioned Drug Discount Program Gone Awry

Hospitals and clinics serving high-risk, high-need patient populations, including low-income and uninsured individuals, have long benefitted from a federal program that allows them to buy [...]

March 23: Four in 10 Cancer Cases Could be Prevented by Lifestyle Changes

Almost four in 10 cancer cases in the UK could be prevented if British people changed their lifestyles by drinking less alcohol, keeping their weight [...]

March 23: Modified Pap Tests Can Show Early Warning Signs of Other Gynecological Cancers

The Pap test has already reduced the incidence of cervical cancer by more than 60%. Now it may become a key step in the early [...]

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Stay connected and Stay involved! Find out information on all upcoming CPAN events. March 21, 2018, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 [...]

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Event Date: March 15, 2018 - Augusta Oncology had an outstanding CPAN Event. Dr. Atkins provided the opening remarks and [...]

February 2018 – CPAN Newsletter

Director's Report Our new year as CPAN Advocates for the Care is off to a great start. Two of our [...]